Rocket writing

There was a small village in the middle of nowhere, where I would go when I was tired. The water was as green as an emerald stone.
I would go searching in the water for monsters and mutant fish with scary coral, that if you touch it you will die instantly. There are old houses made out of giant pumpkins and houses made out of dusty ragged wood, stores with no point of opening. Skeletons, monsters, ghosts and zombies live there . People will go searching and go on adventures like I do there but not all of them come back. Either they turn into food or turn into them and that's not good. Nobody likes to dream about this land but I sure do because you can go so many adventures, like going to a haunted play where people make you jump out of your skin, or go swimming in the river, hide from monsters. There a heaps of adventures. It is land of Halloween. That will haunt you forever.

My first ever roller coaster

My dad clutched my arm with fear. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation. Well it all started on a nice summers day, when I decided to go on my first ever roller coaster. What made it even worse was the fact that it was the world’s biggest loop the loop. I stepped up onto the big roller cart, my knees were weak and my heart was thumping.  I plonked my bum down on the hard cold seat. Suddenly I saw this big metal thing go over my head and down to my belly button. “Was it a seatbelt?“ I wondered. I saw my dad on the side. He had nothing beneath him. As they started counting down I could feel my inside’s tighten. 3, 2, 1 whoosh! Off we go. I could feel the G forces holding me back. Then all of a sudden I remembered that once you started, you couldn't just say I want to get off now - you had to go for the the whole time. No! I gasped for air, my lungs were blown. I only blinked for one second and ahh! I was dangling out of the sky. My stomach felt like jelly .Oh n…

My camp experience

On camp I got really scared because apparently people were walking towards our cabin and the dining hall lights were flickering. I was so terrified I almost jumped of my skin.  In the end, I decided to go over to Gabriella who was also terrified. We decided to go to the dining hall where the parents were so we felt more secure.

That wasn't the only emotion I had on camp. I also felt really proud because my group in ‘search and rescue’ didn't get found. In that case it must have meant that we were very good hiders or the people trying to find us were really bad seekers. I wonder if we had another turn hiding they would find us. Despite all the pride, there was one thing really annoying me. It was that there was heaps of drama going on in my cabin.

That was because people were not thinking before they were speaking, and saying some pretty nasty things. I think it was just because they were tired and they probably were missing their parents but I'm not quite sure.

I enjoyed c…

Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Today I have placed myself at unistructural for gathering data because if I get shown how I can observe experiments. For inferencing I put myself at unistructural because I have an idea what it means but I’m not sure if it's correct .
Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Today in the balloon rocket experiment I thought my observations and  inferences were multistructural because they were in all  the right places but they might not be connected to each other.  My goal for next time is to start connecting my ideas to each other, put them in the right places, so that my observations and inferences are accurate and make sense and maybe back  myself a bit more cause I keep on thinking it wasn't going to work.
Week 3: Drag
 This week we focused on drag for science. I observed that when…

Responsible citizen reflection

This term we learned about how to be a responsible citizen. When we first started I thought that on the rubric I was unistructural because I picked up rubbish sometimes.

I think that I have definitely learnt a lot. I’m definitely much more of a responsible citizen now than I was, because I pick up rubbish way more often than I used to , return others property when I borrowed it , wear my hat everyday and be a helpful bystander,  a good role model and I always do my school work and jobs. I would say that on the rubric I'm now relational because I used different strategies to be a responsible citizen and I know when and why to use them.

My project helps the community know how to take care of a young dog . Sadly yesterday I wasn't here so I missed out on talking and telling them about how to be a responsible pet owner.  My challenges were deciding how to present my learning and finishing on time.

Overall I am very proud of my learning - this is a valuable thing to learn in life.

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizen 
Are you a responsible citizen? If you are then you will know the  important qualities a responsible citizen needs. One of the important qualities are following rules and laws. If we didn't have rules or laws the world would be a dangerous place,  people would threaten to kill and start to lose their family and friends. So this quality is important because it keeps us safe and brings our community close together.
Another important quality is trustworthy because if people aren't trustworthy we wouldn't be able to have banks because people wouldn't trust the government to keep their money safe. People couldn't work by themselves, because they might not do their own job. That’s why this quality is important because people can have some freedom and be by themselves.
Caring about people, nature and the environment is also another important quality because if we didn't have this quality rubbish would be everywhere and trees would get ruined by th…

Going hard out at gymnastics

On a shining summer afternoon,  even when I'm tired and sore, I still love going to gymnastics. I pop on my tight fluorescent leotard and head to the gym. We run around in crazily different ways and stretch our muscles so we can do some awesome skills and drills. We flip,  jump,  leap, tumble, balance, everything.  When my muscles are in pain, I know I worked hard because my legs feel like they're choking.