Responsible citizen reflection

This term we learned about how to be a responsible citizen. When we first started I thought that on the rubric I was unistructural because I picked up rubbish sometimes.

I think that I have definitely learnt a lot. I’m definitely much more of a responsible citizen now than I was, because I pick up rubbish way more often than I used to , return others property when I borrowed it , wear my hat everyday and be a helpful bystander,  a good role model and I always do my school work and jobs. I would say that on the rubric I'm now relational because I used different strategies to be a responsible citizen and I know when and why to use them.

My project helps the community know how to take care of a young dog . Sadly yesterday I wasn't here so I missed out on talking and telling them about how to be a responsible pet owner.  My challenges were deciding how to present my learning and finishing on time.

Overall I am very proud of my learning - this is a valuable thing to learn in life.


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