Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Today I have placed myself at unistructural for gathering data because if I get shown how I can observe experiments. For inferencing I put myself at unistructural because I have an idea what it means but I’m not sure if it's correct .
Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Today in the balloon rocket experiment I thought my observations and  inferences were multistructural because they were in all  the right places but they might not be connected to each other.  My goal for next time is to start connecting my ideas to each other, put them in the right places, so that my observations and inferences are accurate and make sense and maybe back  myself a bit more cause I keep on thinking it wasn't going to work.
Week 3: Drag
 This week we focused on drag for science. I observed that when you added paper, the balloon rocket would go slower than without paper, but it did depend on where the paper was placed. We put it on the top which meant that the balloon wouldn't have to push through the air as much. But when you put the paper at the front it would be harder for the balloon to go very  far because the air pushed it back.  The shape was the same without paper, wrinkly, rohugh and saggy. The only difference was the fact that it had paper on it. I think it was like this because it still got blown up and stretched the same.  I wonder if we added more paper it would stay still wouldn't move at all. My gathering data is multistructural because I gathered quite a lot of data but they might not be accurate and connected. My inferencing is multistructural because I can figure out what my observations mean.
Week 5: Trebuchet
This week for science we focused on a catapult called trebuchet. I noticed that there was a pattern, that the more weights that were in the counter weights bucket the further the projectile would go.   I think this happened because the the more weight there is in an object the faster it comes down which means that the projectile will get more speed so it will go further . I wonder if you put 8kgs in the counter weight it would still work because it might be too heavy to rotate. My gathering Data today is multistructural because I had many observations but they might not be connected or they might not be precise.
My inferences today were multistructural because I can make inferences but I'm not confident about the logic of my inferences.
Week 8:
This week for science we looked at the four forces you need for something to fly. The four forces are thrust, weight, drag and lift.Thrust pushes the plane up, weight keeps it from pinging up, drag slows the thrust down, and lift makes it lift up in the air. I wonder what would happen if you didn't have all four forces? If we didn't have weight the plane would go straight up and wouldn't be able to come down, and if we didn't have thrust the bird or plane wouldn't be able to go up.

We also saw the difference between flying and gliding. The difference is that flying is a controlled movement and gliding is an uncontrolled movement. 
I wonder why a flying squirrel is called a flying squirrel? Because it glides.
My data gathering is probably relational because I know that they make sense and are accurate. My inferencing is probably relational because I know why and when and how to do this so my inferences make sense.


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