Rocket writing

There was a small village in the middle of nowhere, where I would go when I was tired. The water was as green as an emerald stone.
I would go searching in the water for monsters and mutant fish with scary coral, that if you touch it you will die instantly. There are old houses made out of giant pumpkins and houses made out of dusty ragged wood, stores with no point of opening. Skeletons, monsters, ghosts and zombies live there . People will go searching and go on adventures like I do there but not all of them come back. Either they turn into food or turn into them and that's not good. Nobody likes to dream about this land but I sure do because you can go so many adventures, like going to a haunted play where people make you jump out of your skin, or go swimming in the river, hide from monsters. There a heaps of adventures. It is land of Halloween. That will haunt you forever.


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